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About Us

il·lic·it | /i(l)ˈlisət/ | adjective

forbidden by law, rules, or custom.

Our Mission

Emotions, particularly when love flows abundantly, can sometimes feel overpowering, even challenging to articulate. These overwhelming feelings almost feels illicit, making love difficult to express. Our mission is to transpose these illicit feelings by by translating them into art, validating the depth of your feelings and the uniqueness of your love. Recognizing that your car often reflects your personal identity, we're dedicated to assisting you in customizing it to authentically represent you.

Our products extend beyond mere car accessories; they serve as vehicles for creative expression, providing a tangible outlet for releasing and sharing your deepest emotions. They are designed to serve as a creative ways to release your illicit feelings, and enable you to express the essence of your love in a meaningful, tangible form. We believe in the power of art to communicate the essence of love, offering you a meaningful way to express yourself.

The Creator's Story

illicitlover was established in 2021 by Creator and Entrepreneur Dani, in Honolulu, Hawai'i to express her feelings of love.

"Throughout my life, I've recognized within myself a strong inclination towards nurturing relationships and expressing affection. During my teenage years, I've encountered a variety of relationships and friendships, some of which have endured while others have faltered. I've always believed in the importance of offering love, whether in platonic or romantic contexts. However, I've also grappled with a fear of overwhelming others with my affection, leading me to be cautious in how I express and share my feelings. This tendency to overthink my actions has sometimes caused me to withdraw emotionally, affecting both my friendships and potential romantic connections.

I initially established this small business as a means of navigating personal challenges encountered during a difficult phase in one of my past relationships. While many individuals turn to journaling to process their emotions, I found solace in expressing myself through doodles. Upon reaching the age of 20, I recognized the potential to channel this energy into art and develop it into a viable business venture.

In creating these air fresheners, I infused my thoughts, feelings, and emotions about love, aiming to offer solace to those who resonate with similar experiences. My intention is to reassure individuals who may grapple with intense emotions that they are not alone in their journey. I believe fervently that there is no shame in loving passionately, and through my products, I aspire to dismantle any misconceptions surrounding the expression of love.

Much love and appreciation :)

xx - dani ♡ "